Free plan

Choosing the Free plan allows you to monitor up to 10 artifacts before you upgrade to a paid plan. No credit card information is required to signup for BizTalk360 Cloud. Ever! You can stay this free plan as long as you want.

How paid plans are billed

Your credit card information is only gathered when you choose to upgrade to a paid plan. Your credit card is billed at that time and then charged automatically monthly or annual on the renewal date.

Upgrading your account

You can upgrade your BizTalk360 Cloud account at any time to immediately increase the number of artifacts you wish to monitor. You’ll only pay the pro-rated difference between your current plan and the new plan. Your credit card is billed at the time you wish to upgrade. Your billing cycle will remain the same.

Downgrading your account

You can downgrade your account at any time. The downgrade will take effect immediately and you will lose the remaining credits/artifacts count. If you're downgrading to a paid plan, your billing cycle will remain the same. To prevent being billed for the next billing cycle you must downgrade your account prior to next transaction date. Downgrading on the transaction date will not prevent the billing. Billings are charged automatically on your monthly or annual renewal date.

In case, your configured artifact count is greater than the plan count you choose, the system will prompt a message to reduce the configured artifact count before doing the downgrade.

Closing your account

You can close your account at any time. By closing your account, you'll permanently lose your data and cannot retrieve the data once it's deleted. 

Rather than closing your account, you can choose to opt the Free Plan and continue using your BizTalk360 Cloud account to monitor 10 artifacts.


BizTalk360 Cloud is a pay-as-you-go service. We do not issue refunds for downgraded or closed accounts.

Account owner

The account owner is the only person who can upgrade, downgrade or delete an account. The Account owner has the complete privilege to access all the areas in the application. Any new user who signs up for a BizTalk360 Cloud account will be created as an account owner in BizTalk360 Cloud.