In simple terms, BizTalk360 Cloud agent is a light-weight executable file that is packed with services that are responsible for interrogating the BizTalk server, retrieving the artifacts information, and storing it on our Azure Event Hub. When you install the executable file on the machine running BizTalk server, two specific BizTalk Explorer OM and WMI based Windows Services (BizTalk360 Cloud Agent and BizTalk360 Cloud Agent Master) get installed on the machine.

What is the role of BizTalk360 Cloud Agent Service?

The BizTalk360 Cloud Agent service is a background service that is primarily responsible for constantly interrogating the BizTalk environment and retrieving the application and artifacts (receive locations, send ports, orchestrations, and host instances) information. The service is also responsible for pushing the meta data (of the information collected from the environment) into the Azure Event Hub. While pushing the data to the hub, the agent also adds the environment key (the key that is generated when you create a new environment) information to the meta data, that will identify the customer details.

What is the role of the BizTalk360 Cloud Agent Master Service?

The BizTalk360 Cloud Agent Master service is also a background service that is responsible for support the functionality of the BizTalk360 Cloud Agent. The additional responsibilities of this service include checking for regular BizTalk360 Cloud agent updates on the server. If any update is available on our server, the master service downloads the update, stops the BizTalk360 Cloud agent service, performs the updates, and automatically restores the agent back to the running state.

Download BizTalk360 Cloud agent

BizTalk360 Cloud is purely a monitoring focused product and has been designed keeping simplicity in mind. You can start monitoring your BizTalk environments by installing the BizTalk360 Cloud agent on your Microsoft BizTalk Server. In this section, we will show you the steps to download the BizTalk360 Cloud agent. You can either directly log into the BizTalk360 Cloud account on your machine running BizTalk Server and download the agent directly, or download the agent on your local computer and copy to the BizTalk Server machine.

To download the BizTalk360 Cloud agent, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log into your BizTalk360 Cloud account

  2. Once you land on the dashboard, you can download the Cloud agent from 3 different areas in the dashboard
    1. Click the Download Agent button near the Add Environment button on the right side top corner of the screen

    2. Click the icon from the Environment pane

    3. You can also download the agent when you add an environment in the Create/Edit your Environment blade