In BizTalk360 Cloud, you can disable an environment rather than deleting it. The option to disable the environment allows you to temporarily stop receiving data from that environment. Although you have the option to delete the environment, you'll lose the alarm configurations for that environment. This option comes in handy during situations like upgrading BizTalk Server, stopping services manually etc. Disabled environments can subsequently be enabled should the need arise. Enabling the environments is fast and easy rather than creating a new environment and configuring the alarms (literally it is just like toggling the switch from "Off" to "On").

If you disable the environment, all the associated data and alarm configuration will not be accessible until you enable the environment again.

To disable/enable the environment, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to your BizTalk360 Cloud Account

  2. Click the Environment Settings(Gear) icon in the environment pane

  3. Click Disable Environment (Enable Environment to enableunder Enable/Disable Environment section in the Environment Settings blade 

  4. The Environment status will be reflected in the dashboard and the agent will be stopped automatically, hence the agent will not push any data. The tool tip next to the environment status helps you identify- which user disabled the environment 

  5. You can also enable an environment from the environments pane as below