An effective alarm management is essential for effective BizTalk Server monitoring. In BizTalk360 Cloud you have more options than just creating an alarm, you can perform operations like:

  1. New Alarm- Click this option to add a new threshold/health/consolidated alarm to the environment
  2. Edit- Click Edit to make changes to the configured alarms in the environment
  3. Copy- User can copy an alarm configuration to create a new alarm. Select the check box against the alarm name you wish to copy and click then Copy button to create a new alarm with the same configurations.
  4. This option allows the users to copy the alarm configuration only. The mappings associated with alarm will not be copied.
  5. Delete- You can delete an alarm or multiple alarms by just selecting the alarm(s) and clicking the Delete button. By this way, the mapping associated with the alarm(s) will be deleted and artifacts will be free in your subscription.
  6. Reset- This option allows users to reset the notification alert limit set per violation
  7. Search- Search Bar allows user to search through the list of alarms created by their name
  8. Alarm Status - Displays the current status of the alarm and the number of artifacts associated with the alarm
  9. More Options - Easily perform inline operations (edit/delete/reset/configure applications/configure BizTalk group) in a single click
  10. Enable/Disable Alarm - Toggle this button to enable or disable the configured alarm

These additional operation helps to save a lot of time involved in configuring the alarm and this makes user life easy.