The first step in monitoring using BizTalk360 Cloud is to create Alarms. Alarms in BizTalk360 Cloud acts like a package to associate things together. Example: You may want to monitor artifacts in few BizTalk applications together. Alarms help you to achieve this objective. In BizTalk360 Cloud, at the top level there are 2 main types of alarm you can create:

The create alarm screen is flexible; you can simply create a health check alarm or a threshold alarm, or you can use the consolidated alarm to monitor both regular and threshold condition. For more information about these, please read Daily Health Check/Status Notifications and Threshold based Monitoring articles. We have some limitation for the normal users to manage alarms. Only the account owners and super users can create, manage and monitor alarms and give access to normal users based on requirements.

What is a demo alarm in BizTalk360 Cloud?

We have introduced the concept of Demo Alarm to give you a feel of how the UI will look when you actually create an alarm and configure the monitoring for the environment. The demo alarm will be configured with 4 artifacts (send ports, receive location, orchestration, and host instances) from any of the application in your environment. The demo alarm can be reconfigured or deleted as per your requirement.

When you add a new environment to your BizTalk360 Cloud account, the environment will be created along with a demo alarm.

The count of artifacts that are mapped in the demo alarm will be automatically deducted from the count (of artifacts) offered by your subscription plan. For ex., if you are on a Free plan (10 artifacts), the 4 artifacts mapped to the demo alarm will be deducted from the count of 10 and you will only have 6 artifacts remaining that can be mapped further.

Viewing the demo alarms in monitoring dashboard, notification history, and remove mapping operations will remain the same as Threshold/Regular Alarm.