The account information page will provide the basic details of the user's account. The user can change their company information, country, and time zone. By default, BizTalk360 Cloud service will be shown in the (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time. The account information page will display information such as user type (Account Owner, Super User), company name, country, date and time format. 

Normal Users do not have access to the Settings screen in BizTalk360 Cloud. The super user will have read-only access.

To edit Account Information screen

  1. Log into your BizTalk360 Cloud account

  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon in the left navigation pane

  3. Click Account from the menu

  4. Click the Edit icon to change your basic account information

  5. Once you complete the changes to be done, click Save Settings 

Edit Account Information

You can edit your basic information like your company name, country, and the timezone associated with your account.

Only the Account Owners have the privilege to edit the account information. Super Users have read-only access to Account Information screen.

Choose timezone

You can choose your preferred timezone from the drop down in the edit account information page. All monitoring times are calculated based on the time zone that is selected in the account information page. Only account owners will have the privilege to modify the time zone. This changes will be reflected for all users registered with the company account.

Close Account

The user can close the BizTalk360 Cloud account from the account information page. This means that all account data and environment configurations will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Only the Account Owners have the privilege to close the account. Once the account is closed an email will be triggered to all the account owners.