To ensure that your BizTalk360 Cloud account is not interrupted due to payment issues, please be sure to update your credit card details if your card expires or is replaced. In these situations, you need to update details of the credit card in your account information or change the card used to pay your bill. If your credit card gets renewed and the number remains the same, you can simply update the details of the existing credit card, such as expiry date. 

If there is a credit card number change, you will need to add the new credit card to your account.

Follow the below steps to change credit card details in BizTalk360 Cloud:

  1. Log into your BizTalk360 Cloud account (as an Account Owner)
  2. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation pane
  3. Choose Payment from the menu
  4. Click CARD DETAILS in the Card details section. The Billing Details blade will open. This will be very same as the blade found in the Change Plan screen. The only difference is that the values entered during plan change are readily available (as read-only).

  5. Click Change Billing Info button to edit the credit card information and billing address. This is exactly the same as adding the card details in the Change Plan screen.
    Please note that adding a new card will overwrite the existing credit card information.

  6. Update the new card details and click Save to save the information. Click Cancel to retain the existing credit card information.