BizTalk360 Cloud allows Account Owners to view the detailed payment history for their account. The Billing History section displays all the account transaction invoices information such as invoice ID, date, amount, and transaction status. In this section, we will take a detailed look into the Billing History screen.

  1. Log into your BizTalk360 Cloud account (as an Account Owner).
  2. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation pane
  3. Choose Payment from the menu
  4. Click VIEW ALL in the Billing History section. The Billing History blade will open. The different options available in this screen are as follows.
    If you are in the Free plan (10 artifacts), you will not see the View All link. You will see the text as NO DATA.
    1. Invoice ID - The invoice number for the billing transaction. This is typically generated sequentially
    2. Status - Indicates the status of the transaction (Success or Failure). The invoice will be generated only for successful transactions.
    3. Total Amount - Indicates the total cost of artifacts subscribed for that billing cycle
    4. Amount Paid - Indicates the actual amount paid. Usually, the total amount and amount paid will reflect the same value. But in the case of plan changes, the actual amount paid will be different as prorate calculations will apply on the transaction.
    5. Date - Date of the transaction (in MM-DD-YYYY format)
    6. Details - Contains options to View and Download the invoice as PDF

The following screenshots will show the different options available in Billing History screen.