BizTalk360 Cloud pricing is based on a Subscription Model. You can purchase the appropriate plan based on your business requirements. BizTalk360 Cloud pricing is calculated on a per-artifact (receive locations, orchestrations, send ports, and host instances) basis. For instance, if your BizTalk environment has less than 50 artifacts, you can opt for the $60/month or $600/year plan where you can monitor up to 50 artifacts. When the count of artifacts goes beyond 50 in your environment, your account owner can easily upgrade the plan in a couple of clicks.

You can opt for BizTalk360 Cloud subscription plan on a Monthly basis or Yearly basis. If you choose the yearly option, you will get a 20% discount.

The subscription plans available with BizTalk360 Cloud and the pricing details are summarized below in the table.

Artifact Tier
(Count of artifacts that can be monitored)
Monthly Billing Cost Annual Billing Cost
10  $0 $0
50 $60 $600
200 $240 $2,400
500 $600 $6,000
Above 500 Contact Us for Pricing information Contact Us for Pricing Information