In this article, we will give you a detailed look into the BizTalk360 Cloud dashboard. When you log into BizTalk360 Cloud for the first time, you will see a Welcome Message from the CEO of BizTalk360. 

The different components of the BizTalk360 Cloud dashboard are;

  1. Dashboard area - Initially, after you first log in, you will only see the Welcome message from the CEO of BizTalk360. Click Get Started to start adding a new environment and set up monitoring.
  2. Add Environment - Click Add Environment to start adding a new BizTalk cloud environment
  3. Environment Pane - Once you have added a new environment (and downloaded and installed the agent), you will notice the environment pane being created for the added environment. 
  4. Download Agent - Downloads the BizTalk360 Cloud agent to your computer
  5. Refresh - Refreshes the BizTalk360 Cloud dashboard to reflect the latest data
  6. Refresh Timer - Timer to automatically refresh the BizTalk360 Cloud dashboard. The timer is set to 60 seconds execution.
  7. Support - Click the button to request support or provide your feedback and suggestions on our feedback portal
  8. User Profile - Displays the logged in user name and options to make profile changes, change password, and log out from the application
  9. Subscription Plan Information - Displays the current subscription plan and the number of artifacts that are mapped. You can click Change Plan to upgrade from one subscription plan to another.
  10. Home - Click the Home icon to return to the BizTalk360 Cloud dashboard from within the service
  11. Settings - Provides options to add new users, edit/delete existing users, make a payment to upgrade the subscription plan, view the billing history, view/edit the credit card details that are used to make the purchase, update the account level information such as time zone, and close the BizTalk360 Cloud account.