There may be cases when you created a new BizTalk360 Cloud account, but did not receive the activation email. In these cases, you can resend the activation email to your registered email address from the Trouble logging in? section on the BizTalk360 Cloud login page.

If you did not receive activation email, please check your junk/spam folder.

To resend the activation email;

  1. Navigate to the BizTalk360 Cloud login URL. You can bookmark this link for easy access.
  2. Click Trouble logging in? to reset your password

  3. To resend the activation email, click I didn't receive activation email

  4. In the next page, enter the email address that you provided while creating a new BizTalk360 Cloud account.

  5. If the entered email address is valid, you will see a confirmation message as "A link has been successfully sent to your email address for activation process."

  6.  Click the Verify your Email link on your email. 

  7. If the verification is successful, you will be taken to the BizTalk360 Cloud Activation screen where you can choose a password for your account.

  8. If you enter an invalid email address, you will see a confirmation message as "This user does not exist in our system." If you enter an already activated email address, you will see the confirmation message as "Your account already activated, Kindly use below button to log into the system." If you try to resend the activation email for an account that has been closed by the account owner, you will see a confirmation message as "Your link has been expired, kindly request resend activation."