The first step to getting started with using BizTalk360 Cloud is to register and create an account in the BizTalk360 Cloud. You need to access the BizTalk360 Cloud website and click Sign Up to access the Registration page. The registration process is very simple. Once you register your details, you will receive an activation email to the email address you specified during the registration process. Once the email verification process is complete, you will be redirected to the Activation screen. In this screen, you can choose a password to log into BizTalk360 Cloud and enter few other basic information (such as country, company name). Then you are set to start using the BizTalk360 Cloud service and start monitoring your BizTalk Server applications.

Click the below links to understand the detailed BizTalk360 Cloud sign up process.

  1. BizTalk360 Cloud Account Creation - In-depth look
  2. BizTalk360 Cloud Activation Screen - In-depth look
  3. BizTalk360 Cloud Login Screen - In-depth Look
  4. What should I do if I forgot my BizTalk360 Cloud password?
  5. How to change my password for BizTalk360 Cloud?