BizTalk360 Cloud is the lightweight version of BizTalk360 that provides the monitoring capabilities for BizTalk users. BizTalk360 Cloud is a cloud-based BizTalk monitoring solution that will be helpful for users to keep their BizTalk environments healthy.

How is BizTalk360 Cloud different from BizTalk360?

If you have already heard about BizTalk360, you will know that BizTalk360 is the "One Platform for Operations, Monitoring, and Analytics of Microsoft BizTalk Server". With BizTalk360, you can perform different operations on your BizTalk server information, set up monitoring to keep an eye on the health of the system, and measure the performance of your BizTalk server (using the Analytics capability). BizTalk360 is developed keeping in mind the customers running on-premise BizTalk servers in the organization (you can also use BizTalk360 to manage and monitor BizTalk environments on the cloud environments like Azure, Amazon using an add-on called BizTalk360 managed services). With over 100+ features focused on Operations, Monitoring, Analytics under a single hood, it's the most powerful solution for BizTalk Server administration. Therefore, if a customer wants to only just use the monitoring feature, it's kind of overwhelming for them to configure and manage the complete BizTalk360, which also requires some pre-requisite like IIS, SQL etc. 

To address this challenge we designed BizTalk360 Cloud.

BizTalk360 Cloud offers a light weight, easy to use monitoring solution for customers using BizTalk server. BizTalk360 Cloud is a pure monitoring focused product and has been designed keeping simplicity in mind. BizTalk360 Cloud can be used to monitor any BizTalk environment as long as it's connected to the internet. The product has been built from ground up using some really cool Azure technologies. Unlike BizTalk360, there is no need to install any pre-requisite software to get started using this product. All you need to do is register your details on to the BizTalk360 Cloud server running on the cloud, download the BizTalk360 Cloud agent, install the agent on the BizTalk servers, configure monitoring for your artifacts, and start monitoring your BizTalk server environment.

The one other important aspect of BizTalk360 Cloud is that it is completely self service. You can instantly start using the product with a lifetime free account with which you can monitor up to 10 artifacts. You can increase the number of artifacts to monitor as you grow or use it for only required artifacts. The pricing is purely based on the number of artifacts and it's easy to scale (number of BizTalk servers, environments, etc.)

What are the artifacts that can be monitored with BizTalk360 Cloud?

For the initial version, the BizTalk360 Cloud supports all the core artifacts monitoring in your BizTalk Server. You can monitor: 

  • Receive locations
  • Send ports
  • Orchestrations,
  • Host instances

In the future more relevant artifacts like NT Services, Event Logs, Web endpoints etc will be added.