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Getting Started

BizTalk360 Cloud is a cloud-based monitoring solution helping you to monitor BizTalk environments in a secure, efficient, cost-effective and the most productive way

  • Understanding the basics

    Understand the basics of BizTalk360 Cloud and its monitoring capabilities

  • Sign up Process

    Find out how to register and create an account in the BizTalk360 Cloud to start monitoring your BizTalk Server applications


Be the first one to know when your BizTalk Environment is suffering with problems and downtimes



Take a look at the different settings you need to make in your BizTalk360 Cloud account to ensure efficient functioning of your account

  • User Management

    Understand more about BizTalk360 Cloud user access policy and advanced authorization capabilities

  • Account

    Find out how to manage your account in BizTalk360 Cloud and the options to edit the account information

  • User Settings

    How can you manage your user settings in BizTalk360 Cloud. Find out more in this section


Get to know your Dashboard and easy ways to access different sections in BizTalk360 Cloud "in a single click"


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